Professional Pastors Network Pre Application

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Join our network to grow and develop your ministry. Pastor Diane Winbush has over 30 years of leadership training and development. She has mastered each and every position in a church which a woman can hold.  Pastor Winbush has served on many outreach and community boards for better quality in communities. This is not a fellowship but a networking platform. Here's what you will receive as a Network Member:

* A Welcome Packet

* networking

*discounts on our books and resources

*video & audio monthly conferencing

*profile your ministry & events on our website & Magazine

*exclusive training for your ministry

*counseling for ministry

*guest on our Radio broadcast

*corporate monthly prayer

*discount rates on Roku/Amazon television show

*be featured in our digital magazine

*Discounts on preferred conference seating

The Professional Pastors Membership Packages

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

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Silver Package

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Gold Preferred Package

Quarterly Membership



Annual Billing

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